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Homestays in Tainan are the perfect blend of linguistic and cultural immersion.

Choosing a homestay program means you’ll live with a local family in Tainan, have breakfast and dinner provided for you and have plenty of opportunities to practice the Chinese you learned in class.

Here’s three reasons why our half-board homestays are the number one choice of accommodation for our students:

1. Living with a homestay gives you a truly immersive cultural experience

2. Students progress much faster in their language ability when they use Chinese at home and on the weekends

3. Becoming part of a local Taichung family is a once in a lifetime experience and the best way to learn about the local area and customs

Combined with our with our Small Group Classes or Individual Mandarin Courses in Tainan, your Chinese will go from strength to strength!

LTL Chengde || Homestay Family
  • Live like a local, eat like a local
  • Speak Mandarin at school and at home
  • Breakfast and dinner included
  • Your home away from home
Homestay in Tainan

Understand Tainan – How better to get to know the city than with a local family? Make the most of all that insider knowledge and enjoy all the very best hidden gems

True Immersion – Speak Chinese at school and at home. Talk about meals, plans, culture and more! Practice what you learned in class every night when you return home.

Dietary Needs – LTL students have a huge mix of backgrounds and we can find a homestay that accommodates your dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Over a Decade of Experience

Quality Families – Since we started in 2007, we’ve followed a careful selection process when choosing our families and only work with the best

Perfect Match – We’ve worked with a wide range of homestay families and pair students to homestays depending on preferences. No pets or children? No problem!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ RATED – Years of arranging homestays has helped us perfect the student experience. Check out our reviews on Google, Go Overseas or Facebook.


So, apart from cultural immersion and lots of extra Chinese practice, what’s included in your homestay?

You’ll have a private room including all your bedding, Wi-Fi, a desk and air-con and breakfast and dinner every day, which also means you’ll get the chance to enjoy the very best of local Taiwanese food.

Around 8/10 of our students in Taiwan choose to stay with a host family.

Homestays are what you make of them. Some students simply enjoy having hassle-free accommodation and extra Chinese conversation, whilst other spend their weekends with their homestay families and go on daytrips together – it’s entirely up to you.

Last but certainly not least – there’s no hidden fees. All bills are included in your homestay.


We strongly believe in the power of immersion. Using the language in your daily life is the best way to become more confident and more proficient. A homestay lets you practice speaking about family, Tainan’s night markets, hobbies, weekend plans and really just about anything you can think of!

Not to mention, it’s easy to get caught in the “foreigner bubble” and return to the comfort of speaking English the moment you’re out of school. This adds up to a lot of wasted hours of being exposed to Mandarin conversation.

Homestay students have the chance to go home and put in to practice everything they learned in class. The extra hours of speaking Chinese really are invaluable and let you progress at a far faster rate.

You’ll have an authentic insight into life in Tainan, meet locals and make friends with Taiwanese people. It’s an experience very few people get to enjoy and it’s one you’ll never forget, for all the right reasons.


We’ve been working with homestay families since 2007 and have a strict criteria when it comes to choosing who meets the LTL standard.

We look at key factors like location, family members, level of English, facilities, apartment and more when selecting our families in Taiwan.

When speaking to you about your program we make absolute sure to note what is most important for you.

If location is hugely important, we will take that into account, if you are a little more lenient about this, likewise, we note this down when selecting your family.


1 week19,200
2 weeks37,100
3 weeks53,900
4 weeks69,700
5 weeks84,500
6 weeks98,400
7 weeks111,400
8 weeks123,600
9 weeks134,900
10 weeks145,500
11 weeks155,300
12 weeks164,400
13 – 52 weeks (price per week)13,700
extra night3,200

Standard Homestay includes:

  • Live with a Chinese Family in Tainan
  • All families are Mandarin speaking
  • Private bedroom
  • Desk, bed and sheets provided
  • WIFI, heating, air-conditioning and all bills included
  • Meals included
  • Just you per family – proper Immersion

Further Information

  • Vegan, vegetarian, halal and gluten free – communicate with us and we will help
  • Other special dietary requirements also
  • Teenagers: especially selected families for youngsters
  • English speaking: If you’d be more comfortable with a family who speak a little English, we can arrange this


Can I choose a family that speaks English too?


Whilst we encourage you to embrace every opportunity to speak Chinese, if this is a priority for you we can find a family that is also able to communicate with you in English.

Is any family allowed to be a host family?

A number of criteria must be adhered to to become a host family with LTL.

The family itself must be “LTL people”, they must enjoy interacting with foreigners and helping your Chinese along.

English speaking is not something we want, the whole point in a homestay is Immersion.

Alongside this things such as distance from the school, household facilities, the family (and extended family), the food they provide… and many more things.

You can rest assured that when you arrive, you are in good hands.

Will I be given a house key?

Absolutely yes.

Can I wash my clothes at the homestay?

All households will have a washing machine.

Either the family will do your washing for you or they will direct you how to use the machine.

Can I book a homestay without a language course?

No, unfortunately you cannot.

Our homestays are very popular and we are regularly booked out.

It takes a lot of time to organize and manage homestays, so we reserve our homestays exclusively for our students.

How will I be matched to a homestay family?

Your registration form that you’ll fill out will tell us your exact requirements.

From here we decide which family is best suited to you, relating to diet, location, smoking and a host of other factors.

Will I receive information about the family?

Sure you will.

We will send a document with details of your Taiwan host family which will show names, family members and some pictures of the household.

What about the students that don’t stay in homestays?

Around 80% of students choose to stay with homestays. But we know this isn’t for everyone.

We also offer studio and shared apartments.

Can I have someone stay over at my homestay?

Unfortunately no, it is strictly not allowed to have someone else stay over at the house and it’s important to respect your homestay’s house rules

There are still some things I want to ask, what can I do?

Please get in touch with us if there are some unanswered questions.

Coming to stay with a family in Taiwan is a big deal so you are bound to have some questions.

Drop us a message here.

How long can I book a homestay for?

You can stay anywhere from a week to a year.

The longer you book a homestay for, the cheaper it gets!

Can I come home late at night?

Of course this is fine but just respect your host family.

As with any family, if they are asleep they don’t want to be disturbed, especially if they are getting up early.

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