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Coming all the way to Taiwan to study Chinese can seem like a daunting task. It is important for us to make that transition as easy and convenient as possible for you, so you can focus on improving your Chinese.

We offer a wide range of services precisely to help out new students. Culture shock is always to be expected, but many things can be made a whole lot easier.

Don’t worry about finding a local SIM card, or a public transportation card, or even a bank account, LTL has all that covered for you!

We know that dealing with banks, mobile operators or even public transportation offices can be stressful, especially in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.

That’s why LTL will remove that stress from your stay in Taiwan.

We know how things work here in Taiwan, and below you will find a list of the services we provide, to make your stay in Taipei as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Survival Kit Standard 

Our Standard package survival kit for Taipei consists of the following:

  • Mobile SIM card with data – Mobile package including 2GB of data. If you need to top it up, we will show you how to do it.
  • Airport / Train Station pick-up – Don’t worry about finding the best way to your accommodation from the airport, we will simply pick you up and take you there directly.
  • Public Transport Card – The Taipei Metro (MTR) is fast, and convenient. The EasyCard will come pre-charged with around 15 trips.
  • uBike Set Up – Taipei is full of shared bikes, just waiting for you to hop on and ride. We will help you set your EasyCard to work with the uBike system in Taipei.
  • Taipei Map – Traditional style tourist map so you don’t get lost in this large city
  • Free locker – For safe storage of your valuable possessions

Please Note – Standard Package Survival Kits are included in our LTL Immersion China Program and Multi City Programs.

Cost for Standard Package – 8,167TWD

Taipei Survival Comfort Kit Upgrade

Our comfort kit contains everything in the standard package along what these extras:

  • Massage – No better way to relax than either a full body, or a foot massage
  • International Hospital VIP Card – Priority treatment at an international hospital in Taipei
  • Gym Membership for One Month – We have a gym close to the school, take advantage of our cooperation with a month long membership.
Cost for Comfort Package – 13,117TWD

Airport Pick-up Only 

Airport Arrival pick-up sign

Airport pick-up with LTL – Arrive to your accommodation in comfort

If you only wish to take advantage of our airport/train pick up service, we can do that for you.

  • Pick-up from Airport Terminal or Train Station. Taken straight to your accommodation
  • No need to take any other form of transport
  • Take away the hassle of using public transport
  • Quick and efficient service to help you
  • Arrive straight at your Taipei Accommodation
  • Available at all Airport and Train Station terminals
Cost for Pick-up – 1,500TWD

Taipei Connection Kit

Our Connection Kit is designed to help you make new friends quickly. One of our best learning tips is for you to make local friends, especially the ones who don’t speak English, so you can practice your Chinese with them. However,we know it’s very easy to just spend time with English speakers as a matter of convenience.

We will help you find someone with similar hobbies and interest as you do. This will already give you a head start from the first day you arrive in Taipei.

Personal Student Ambassador

To avoid only spending time with other international students, or getting trapped in the “expat bubble” we will pair you with a local based on shared interests and hobbies. You will get the chance to explore Taipei together, and make even more new friends!

Personal Chinese Language Exchange Friend

Get help with your Chinese, while you help them in return. Discuss your hometown, cultural differences and similarities, food, sport, or any other topics you might find interesting. Making local friends is great, and you will hear a lot of interesting stories, and learn a lot about their culture. An added benefit is that you will learn how to speak like a local.

The connection kit service is about finding and introducing you to people whom we think you will get on well with. The friendship itself of course you will have to build yourself and while we think you will match nobody can guarantee this. Friends and connections are not for “sale” and need to be built by yourself, not be purchased. The aim of the connection kit is to make it easier to start this process, which works very well for most of our students and has lead to many life-long friendships and significantly faster Chinese language learning progress for participants.

Cost for Chinese Connection Kit – 4,050TWD

Frequently Asked Questions

SURVIVAL KIT - How do I meet my Driver at the Airport?

After arriving to Taipei you will be somewhat jet lagged and dazed, as you will likely be coming off of a long haul flight. Don’t worry, our driver will be at the aiport to meet you. After you clear immigration, claim your luggage, and clear customs our driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall holding a sign with your name. If you don’t see the sign with your name on, don’t worry, our driver will have a good idea of how you look, and he will be looking for you too!

SURVIVAL KIT - What should I bring on my first day at LTL Mandarin School?

We will provide you with all the resources and learning equipment you will need. Just bring yourself, a good mood, and your passport. Other things like laptops, your own learning materials, or anything else, you are of course welcome to bring if you so wish.

CONNECTION KIT - How will I meet my language exchange partner and student ambassador?

Usually what happens is we invite you to a meal with your language exchange partner and student ambassador. This will help you to get to know each other, and plan any future activities.

CONNECTION KIT - Why two people?

We will match you and your language partner based on shared interests so that you will have something to talk about. But we do understand that how well you connect with somebody is very dependent on the people involved. Having two people, as opposed to one, gives you twice the opportunity to make a friend for life.

CONNECTION KIT - Who are the two?

This will depend on you, and who we think will be suit you and your hobbies. Often they can be local university students looking to make friends with foreigners, young professionals looking to expand their international network, or one of our friends who just loves to meet new people. Let us help you choose the right people.

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