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Social Life in Chengdu

Learning Chinese is the reason you are coming to Chengdu, but there’s more to it than that!

  • You are here to discover a country like no other
  • You are here to do this with your new LTL Family

We are a very close community and this runs through our core. Nothing gets in the way of you making friends to last a lifetime. Come together and be a part of something great and discover what the social life in Chengdu is about with LTL Mandarin School.

PSST – whisper it quietly but we also serve free beer after 5pm for all students (who are not underage)!

Konni with her classes and our Immersion Specialist Jane

Monday Breakfast Club

Dinner at a Dumpling Restaurant

Wednesday Dinners


Board Game Nights

House party in Beijing

Friday Night Beers



Taipei Team of 2020

Quiz Nights

Hiking Trips

Drinks in Beijing after studying Chinese

Saturday Night Out


Sichuan Opera

Panda Research Base

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