Social Life in Chengdu

Learning Chinese is the reason you are coming to Chengdu, but there’s more to it than that!

  • You are here to discover a country like no other
  • You are here to do this with your new LTL Family

We are a very close community and this runs through our core. Nothing gets in the way of you making friends to last a lifetime. Come together and be a part of something great and discover what the social life in Chengdu is about with LTL Mandarin School.

PSST – whisper it quietly but we also serve free beer after 5pm for all students (who are not underage)!


Monday Breakfast Club

Dinner at a Dumpling Restaurant

Wednesday Dinners


Board Game Nights

House party in Beijing

Friday Night Beers



Students cheering with glasses of Baijiu at a baijiu tasting social event in Beijing

Quiz Nights

Time for a hike in Chengde

Hiking Trips

Drinks in Beijing after studying Chinese

Saturday Night Out


Sichuan Opera

To learn the language, you have to **Live the Language**

Panda Research Base

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