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Learn Chinese Online from the comfort of your own home in small groups that average just 2 students per class.

Speaking is a vital element in learning Chinese and our expert teachers give everyone the chance to shine.

Our online classes have just a handful of students and you can choose to study to fit your schedule, with our flexible packages to fit every schedule. There is package to suit every learner. You can even study during weekends.

Learn Chinese Online with the best Mandarin school, the best Mandarin teachers and get fluent, fast.

Certified Teachers

Certified – All our teaching team is fully qualified
Fun – Our teachers make your class fun and interesting
Experience – LTL teachers have 5+ years of experience
The Best – Our teachers are some of the finest in China

Join Our Family

It Works – It’s online, but it’s easy to build connections
Community – Become part of the LTL family from anywhere
Friends – Make friends to last a lifetime at LTL, even online
Long-term – Join a community of students around the world


Comfy – Get started and learn Chinese online in your own home
Weekends/Weekdays – Choose the program that suits you
Consistency – Continue studying with the same teacher
Schedule – Organise a schedule that suits your lifestyle

You Can Trust Us

Accredited – We are a fully accredited Mandarin school
10+ Years – Of Experience teaching Chinese online
Proven Winners – A 95% HSK Pass Rate tells you everything
Always Online – Check out our Social Media channels


Classes are all taught via Zoom.

After confirming your courses with us, students are given access to a student portal where all classes are hosted.

On this portal you can do a number of things which includes logging into classes, tracking progress, preview teaching PDFs, leave feedback, rate classes, download their graduation certificates, cancel classes or book make up classes.

IMPORTANT | It is possible to cancel any class up to 72 hours in advance and book a make up class instead at no additional cost.

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The great thing about our fixed schedules is that you can start at almost any time you want.

We open three new courses for each of our six levels – complete beginner, HSK 1 to HSK 6 – every week. Due to this, we have on average about 160 different courses running at any time.

Whatever your current ability, study preferences, or location, there is a suitable course happening right now that you can join.


Classes are taught using a teaching PDF designed especially for it.

Students can access all these PDFs through their student login before and after the class.

At the end of each class, your teacher will share an annotated version of the PDF.

This PDF will include additional vocabulary and examples that were taught during the class.

In fact for 80% of our students, there is a course available to join next week. You are guaranteed to never have to wait for more than three weeks.

You will have an exact schedule in your inbox within less than 24 hours during working times. Of course you can contact us if you are unsure about start times and dates, we’ll be happy to help.


To pay via WeChat, Alipay or GrabPay choose SGD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want more flexibility with my classes?

If you don’t want to work on a fixed schedule then our Flexi Classes are the perfect solution for you.

With Flexi Classes you can book, cancel and re-book at any time, anywhere in the world meaning if you have an ever changing schedule, this will suit you perfectly.

Can I choose the content of the class?

With our 1-on-1 online courses you can. With group classes this is not possible as our teachers follow a curriculum.

What software do you use for online classes?

All classes are on Zoom.

Do you use textbooks for learning Chinese online?

No we don’t. Teaching online is a different ballgame to learning face-to-face.

That is why all Online classes are taught using our very own LTL online curriculum.

The LTL online curriculum has been especially developed for online Chinese language teaching.

These materials include teaching PDFs, audio files and links to additional resources for review.

You will notice the difference in quality and how well it works for online study.

If you scroll back up you can download some sample teaching PDFs we use.

Can all levels sign up?

All levels can study Chinese online with us.

For small group classes we go up to HSK 4 because this is when programs get more complex and need to be individually prepared.

For 1-on-1 classes, all levels can study!

Can I have the same teacher throughout the course?

Yes you can.

Fixed online group classes are always taught by the same teacher throughout the entirety of the course.

Can I have a trial lesson?


Contact us here and let us know about your preferred date and time. We’ll reply with more details about the free trial and how to join the class.

Can I study 1-on-1?

Yes you can check out our individual online Chinese courses here.

How many people are usually in a class?

Typically class sizes average around two students.

This gives you much more opportunity to speak and get your mouth moving, which is vital for a language like Mandarin.

That is why on average our online small group classes have about two students.

How long are online Chinese classes?

2 hours in the week and 4 hours during the weekend with breaks.

I’m not in one of the time zones listed above, is that OK?

No problem. We can help you to join a fixed time group if you are in a different time zone.

Due to us offering about 160 different courses at any time, there is always going to be a group course that fits you.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes you can, follow the table above. The process is quick and super simple.

What Our Students Say

Merete Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I'm Merete from Germany and I did the 40 hours of online classes at LTL in preparation for HSK 4. The classes helped me a lot in preparing for the HSK exam. Additionally we focused a lot on speaking as well, to make sure, that I could talk about topics.

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Adrian Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After studying at LTL for several months, I feel comfortable mastering daily life situations by fully conversing in Chinese. Switching to online classes provided greater ability to concentrate, plus I can study anywhere.

Read More

Marcel Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Since LTL started online classes due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 situation, Zoom really helped to connect teacher and student in real-time. The connection of both, audio and video, was impeccable. I reached HSK4 level beginning of 2020.

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Filip Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Having been at LTL for almost a year I have had both regular and online classes. Both are actually equally good. The perk with online class is that it allows for a more flexible schedule and doing it from your own home is always comfortable.

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Goncalo Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The online classes with LTL Mandarin School have been amazing! When the WiFi is smooth, we are able to have a fluent lesson with no interruptions. I understand the new words and all the grammar. We are able to speak mostly just mandarin!

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Felix Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My online classes are going great, I think Jacqueline is the best teacher I have had in a long time. The progress is very good and I feel much better at Chinese, including being better in writing/reading (my weakness). I am very happy with the online classes.

Read More