Brand new for 2021 – our Flexi Classes are proving a huge hit with students from all around the world, but what exactly are they and how can you benefit?

Here’s how:

Flexi Classes are small group (or individual) classes taught by professional Mandarin teachers that follow the schedule you desire.

Groups are small, with an average of three students never more than six.

You can book a Flexi Class whenever you wish, any day any time.

You can cancel classes when your schedule changes, you can study as much as you like and all classes are relevant to the world we live in today, with brand new, freshly created PDF’s and other resources that you are given access to.

Sounds impossible? Until very recently, it was, now it is no more.

Discover how Flexi Classes are the perfect solution for you

With Flexi Classes you can study a number of languages which include:

  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Cantonese
  • Taiwanese Hokkien
  • Shanghainese

Study Online With The Best

Get Online: Study wherever you are
Interactive: White boards, typing and talking every lesson
Worldwide: Meet people from all around the world
Friends: Make friends with the Flexi Classes

Our Brand New Curriculum

Organized: A brand new curriculum you can trust
Step by Step: Bite sized learning, geared towards fluency
Fun: Interesting and Iinteractive study materials for you
Practice Speaking: Get talking as soon as possible

Top Class Teachers

Top Quality: The best Chinese language teachers around
Experience: LTL teachers have loads of teaching experience
The Pros: Teachers are carefully selected and trained
Fun: We love teaching Chinese online or offline

You’re In The Driving Seat

24/7: You can study classes at any time of the day, 24/7
Intense: No restrictions – study as much as you want
Super Simple: Choose & book your classes online
Cancel: Had something come up, no problem


Before our Flexi Classes, there were three ways to learn Chinese online:

1) Videos or Apps: Low cost, but with no human interaction
2) Individual Classes: No class mates and and high costs generally
3) Fixed Group Classes: No time flexibility or ability to cancel classes.

Flexi Classes combine all the advantages of the three above. 

Flexi Classes are small group classes, taught by our professional team of teachers at a very attractive price point.

You can study whenever and wherever you want along with having the ability to book or cancel classes with just one click.

You study in a small group class taught by a real live LTL teacher. During this you will get to speak during class, ask questions, talk to your classmates and achieve Chinese fluency, faster than ever.

See what Martin thinks of Flexi Classes. He studies Mandarin with us from the Philippines
Kim tells us what she thinks about Flexi Classes. Kim is learning Mandarin with Flexi from Vietnam



The Flexi Classes are a monthly subscription. You purchase credits and redeem them how, and when you wish.

You can cancel or change your subscription at any time very quickly and easily in your settings.

Once you are in signed ingo to the class booking section. Here you can book classes at your level and when you are free. You will be recommended suitable classes for you also, but can also choose any according to your preferences.

Group classes offered 24/7 so you can study at any time of the day or night, no matter where you are in the world.

When it is time for your class to start, click “Join Class” under “My Classes” and you will join the Zoom classroom with your teacher and classmates.

You can follow your progress under “My Level”, check your past and future classes, rate previous classes, and download teaching materials under “My Classes”.

And that’s it.

It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to get familiar with the system and after that it is very simple to use. If you have any questions, you can contact us under “Help” at any time.

Bobby tells us his thoughts on learning Mandarin online with LTL from his home in the US.
Krissi is learning Chinese online from her home in Hong Kong. See her thoughts here.


Can I also study 1-on-1 using the Flexi Class system?

Yes you can.

It is also possible to book 1-on-1 classes through the Flexi Class system at any time of the day or night.

Book your class 48 hours in advance and your teacher will be ready for your class. It takes no more than two clicks.

You can study a topic of your choosing or follow the LTL curriculum and study one of the provided topics.

How far in advance can I cancel a class?

Anytime but if you wish to have your credit refunded you should cancel 3 days before.

You will receive full credits back for all cancellations that are made more than 72 hours before the class time.

Only for cancellations later less than 72 hours in advance credits are not refunded.

Can I also study Traditional Chinese characters instead?

You can indeed!

When you sign up, just choose “I want to study traditional characters” and you will only be shown classes taught with Taipei teaching materials.

How does the LTL Flexi Classes curriculum work?

The Flexi Class Curriculum is the heart of our teaching methodology. We develop, design and produce all our teaching pdfs ourselves. Each class is taught with a different pdf according to the Flexi Classes curriculum.

Flexi Class teaching materials are current, fun and light. We want our classes to be fun and enjoyable and that is how we design our teaching materials.

There is one teaching pdf for each topic. Students can download and review the teaching pdfs before booking or studying a class.

During the class the teacher annotates their teaching pdf with examples sentences, answers to student questions etc. and shares it with all students at the end of the class.

How much are my credits worth?

One small group class = one credit.

A 1-on-1 class = three credits.

It is possible to use 1-on-1 credits to pay for small group classes and vice versa.

Can I download the materials used in class for reference?

You can indeed.

This will include the PDF used in the class and there are also additional resources which are relevant to what you have studied.

How long are credits for after purchase

All credits are valid for the duration of 31 days from when you purchased them.

It is possible to use credits to book classes as far in the future as you like. These will never expire.

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