Multi City Chinese Course in China

Study your very own Chinese course in China whilst travelling China with the LTL School Multi city Program.

Learn Chinese abroad with LTL and enjoy all China has to offer from exploring the streets and markets through to the language itself.

China has something for everyone and you will see it all in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde and Taiwan whilst learning Chinese everyday with our expert teachers.

Chinese Course in China - Travel China, Learn Chinese

  • Chinese course in China
  • Discover the diversity of China
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Chengde, Taipei, Beihai, Chengdu, Xi’an and Singapore
  • Speak no English in Chengde
  • Pick your favourite program
  • Join for up to a whole year

Enjoy the huge International centre that is Shanghai in comparison to Beijing which offers a host of culture and history everywhere you look.

Chengde is the polar opposite to the aforementioned two, a city much smaller in stature and size but boasting incredible scenery and history, you will find you are learning Chinese at every minute of the day in Chengde.

Taiwan offers another completely different experience also, based away from the mainland, traditional characters are used in Taiwan which is another unique experience in itself.

You can enjoy a number of Mandarin courses in China put together by LTL to help fast track your Chinese progress so you get the most out of your time in China.

PLEASE NOTE – As we now have a basis in EIGHT cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengde, Taipei, Beihai, Chengdu, Xi’an and Singapore), we create many tailored programs, please contact us if you wish to create your very own Multi-City program.

Travel China and Learn Chinese

As we now have a huge EIGHT cities to choose from we created this very useful price calculator where you can build your very own Multi-City program.

PLEASE NOTE – this calculator is NOT a FINAL PRICE but simply an estimate. This is very important.

The idea of the calculator is to give you an estimate as to how much your course may well cost, for most detailed information and prices please submit the estimate to us using the form, and we will be in touch!

If you scroll further down, we have a number of fixed programs with exact prices you are welcome to peruse. Use our live chat or contact form for further questions.

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Multi City Chinese Courses in China

Metropolitan China (Beijing - Shanghai)

Experience China’s two biggest and most famous cities whilst studying your Chinese course in China. Beijing and Shanghai provide incredible contrasts which must be seen to be believed.

Beijing, the capital shows off its epic history in many formats and the Great Wall of China is the pinnacle for many visitors to this great City. Despite being so popular there are still many wild, untouched areas of the wall and our students enjoy these areas in epic hikes.

Shanghai, although having its own cultured past to shout about, is fast growing and the business hub of the nation. Shanghai’s size and population, although daunting on paper, is something that will keep you busy for as long as you could possible imagine.

It even boasts its own brand new Disney Land, such is the speed of development in Shanghai.

Combine this with Beijing and you have an exciting Mandarin program in China to get stuck into.

The Metropolitan Program has three different packages:

Metropolitan China Standard

Metropolitan China Intensive

Metropolitan China Individual

Metropolitan China Prices (Chinese Yuan)

Duration Standard Intensive Individual
4 weeks 12,956 21,972 22,215
6 weeks 16,708 29,580 29,928
8 weeks 20,078 36,414 36,856
10 weeks 23,094 42,531 43,056
12 weeks 25,783 47,983 48,583
14 weeks 29,383 55,283 55,983
16 weeks 32,983 62,583 63,383
18-52 wks 3,600/2wks 7,300/2wks 7,400/2wks

Our three Multi City Chinese programs are extensive in coverage and will get your Chinese ahead fast. Our Standard Multi City package includes 20 hours of Chinese study a week. That breaks down to four hours of Chinese classes per day, Monday to Friday. You will also be able to enjoy a one hour lunch break where you can even join our daily lunch club.

The Intensive Multi City Chinese program includes the same as the Standard program plus an additional two hours of classes per day, making 30 hours per week. Your extra two hours are individually tutored which will enhance your Chinese rapidly and you will learn Chinese at a quicker rate. These classes generally take place around 3-3.30pm and finish about 5-5.30pm. You will find the extra two hours of individual class are ideal if you want rapid progression whilst still enjoying group classes.

If you wish to study abroad individually then our Individual Multi City Mandarin program is exactly what you are after. 20 hours of classes every week with just you and your teacher. This is ideal if you want all the focus on you and a tailored program to suit your needs. We can guarantee quick progression and enjoyable classes with our first rate teachers.

Anything Else?

Here’s a list of useful points that we often get asked about. Hopefully these help. If you need further assistance, check out our FAQ section below, or contact us either via live chat below or by email above.

  • All the above programs include Airport Pickup and transport between cities
  • All Metropolitan Programs include a Survival Kit
    • Survival Kits include Mobile SIM card, help with police registration, help with setting up a bank account, bicycle usage, public transport cards with money on, local maps and the assistance of the LTL Support team.
  • Course duration is completely up to you, chat to us for further details. Minimum booking period of 4 weeks, maximum of 52 weeks.
  • Accommodation – we have a number of accommodation options. Visit our Shanghai Accommodation page to find out more about Shanghai, and out Beijing Accommodation page for Beijing.
3 City Combo (Shanghai - Beijing - Chengde)

Don’t just experience Beijing and Shanghai but the jewel in our China Immersion crown, Chengde.


By now we all know what Beijing and Shanghai have to offer you but Chengde is where your Mandarin language skills will really rocket sky high.

In Chengde you will experience zero foreign contact and you will learn so much about Chinese culture. You will not meet, see or interact with other foreigners during your entire stay in Chengde.

Your time will be spent with your Chinese Homestay Family and your Chinese Teacher, but throw in any new local friends you meet and you will, quite literally, be Living The Language (LTL).

Chengde is a unique experience and it shouldn’t be confused with the popular and much bigger Chengdu. Chengde is based north of Beijing by roughly 3 hours travelling by train.

Let’s introduce you to our Three City Combo programs:

Three City Standard

Three City Intensive

Three City Individual

Three City Prices (CNY)

Duration Standard Intensive Individual
6 weeks 23,330 36,202 32,143
9 weeks 29,982 47,912 42,258
12 weeks 35,598 57,798 50,798
15 weeks 42,898 70,648 61,898
18 weeks 50,198 83,498 72,998
21 weeks 57,498 96,348 84,098
24-51 wks 7,300/3wks 12,850/3wks 11,100/3wks

Anything Else?

Here are some additional pointers which you will also find handy. Don’t forget to check out our FAQ section below, or contact us either via live chat below or by email above. 

  • All programs above include Airport Pickup and transport between cities
  • All Multi City Programs include a Survival Kit
    • Survival Kits include Mobile SIM card, help with police registration, help with setting up a bank account, bicycle usage, public transport cards with money on, local maps and the assistance of the LTL Support team.
  • Course duration – this is completely up to you. You can chat to us for further details. The minimum booking period is 6 weeks, the maximum is 52 weeks.
  • Accommodation – we have some accommodation options that will be of interest. Visit our Shanghai Accommodation page to find out more details.
Chinese Immersion Program (Beijing - Chengde)

Chinese Immersion is an LTL specialty and we can promise you a great experience where your Chinese level will increase hugely.

Whether you are taking a gap year just before university or you are on sabbatical from work, this is a incredible chance to try something out of the ordinary.

You will spend your time in two completely different locations but two that boast huge history, heritage and stacks of Chinese culture.

Beijing, the capital will provide you with the fast paced, hustle and bustle of one of the worlds biggest and most exciting cities.

Moving on towards Chengde will be a completely new challenge where you will be thrust into an environment without a foreigner in site.

There is plenty to cover here so we have a whole new section for it.

Learn more about Chinese Immersion Program

Callie and her friend in Shanghai

What our students say

Anthea Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I decided to sign up with LTL for the multi city gap year program. All in all, I had a great experience at all three places and already I have decided I will go back to LTL Beijing for 4 months!"

Read More

Adam Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I particularly appreciated the first day program with breakfast, group lunch and evening burger, and the weekly meal and other cultural trips. Have no hesitation recommending LTL"

Read More

Maggie Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"When I arrived in Shanghai I had no idea if I had set myself up for months of pain or an awesome experience. Luckily, it turned out to be the latter. I never felt lost"

Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to travel between cities?

Yes, transport in China is fast, efficient and easily accessible. S

Shanghai and Beijing takes a little over 4 hours on the fast train and Beijing to Chengde will also have its own High Speed version very soon.

For now, the standard train still only takes roughly 3 hours. Despite its size, it’s generally safe and simple to travel around in China.

China Travel Guides: China High-Speed Rail

What are your schools like in the 3 cities?

Our first school was opened in Beijing and the environment is comfortable, friendly and relaxed.

The same goes for Shanghai despite being a slightly smaller school. Both are located near Metro Stops (Dawanglu for Beijing, South Shannxi Lu for Shanghai and Xinyi Anhe in Taipei) and can boast a large number of food and drink options nearby.

Chengde on the other hand is a world apart. You will study Chinese with your homestay or a local coffee shop minimizing all contact with foreigners.


Is Chengde for me? It sounds very different to the West?

It is very different and you must be aware if you partake in our Mandarin program in Chengde you genuinely won’t be using any of your first language.

This will be a 100% Mandarin spoken trip.

Your contact with foreigners will be zero and you will learn Mandarin in China 24/7. The experience, on the other hand, will be a memorable one and our students leaving Chengde can boast much improved Chinese and friends for life in the city. It’s one of our most exciting and adventurous Chinese courses in China.

Ultimately, if this is something you are uncomfortable with then this isn’t then Chengde isn’t the city for you. You should consider Beijing or Shanghai instead.

Can beginners take part?

Yes you can.

Around half of LTL School students are beginners with zero Chinese to their name. Beginner courses start on various Monday’s through the year. Visit our Beijing Chinese Courses page for Beijing dates and our Shanghai Mandarin Courses page for our Shanghai dates. If you’d like to pick up a few phrases before you arrive, check out our online preparation course designed for complete mandarin beginners.

What about living costs in the three cities?

Shanghai and Beijing will obviously cost more than living in Chengde but the cost of the former actually isn’t too bad compared to many big worldwide cities.

Lunch would cost you around 3USD generally, a beer 2USD and a taxi for a few kilometers no more than 3USD. Bar rent, the cost of living in Beijing and Shanghai isn’t as bad as you’d expect.

There are places where you can splash out a bit more but if you want to keep the purse strings tight, you can do just that.

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