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Become part of a high school in Chengde for the ultimate immersive experience and a sure fire way to enhance your Mandarin skills like never before.

Chengde is home to very, very few foreigners. In fact the only ones there are LTL students and we purposely make sure that always remains very few. After school, live with a Chinese host family and experience 24/7 Mandarin.

  • Chengde City High School
  • Established in 1998
  • 2,000 Students
  • Accept students between 13-16
  • Homestay accommodation for international students.
  • Accept students for 2 semesters
  • Daily schedule – 07:30–17:30
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Chengde City High School

All Chinese – Chengde City High School is a fully Chinese Junior High School. Full exposure to Mandarin will be experienced.
Ideal Location – Located in Chengde City Centre. Our local organizer will be in touch with students all the time.

Recipe For Success

24/7 Chinese – Speak Chinese at school, speak Chinese after school at your host family. The perfect recipe.
Support from LTL – Our team in Chengde are locals and know the city and everything about Chengde.

Chengde City High School – Quick Facts

Chengde – What is the City like?

Chengde is all about real and proper Chinese Immersion.

Far smaller than Beijing and Shanghai and home to the most standard Mandarin spoken in the whole of China. A beautiful city which lies roughly 3 hours north of Beijing by car, based in Hebei province.

In Chengde you will experience real Chinese culture. People dancing in groups at local parks, playing cards on the street and sharing a food and drink together on their tiny stools. This is what China is all about.

No big skyscrapers but endless beauty whilst is topped by the Chengde Summer Mountain Resort where you could hike and explore the scenery for days on end!

Chengde is where you want to be if you want to increase you Mandarin level as fast as possible due to the fact little to no English is spoke throughout the whole city.

Pagoda in Chengde, China
Pagoda in Chengde, China

The pace of life is slower compared to China’s big hitters. The environment and air is therefore also more desirable with surrounding mountains, winter skiing and summer hikes.

High School in Chengde – Key Information

All classes are taught in Chinese. This is the same for all Chinese high schools.

Chengde is a completely immersive destination, so this is very different to for example Shanghai or Beijing. There will be barely any other foreign students at the school and in fact almost no other foreigners at all in the city.

In a city like Shanghai people will be much more accustomed to western traditions. Chengde will definitely be quite a culture shock

The aim there is to immerse students completely into Chinese culture and to avoid having foreign students hanging out together.

Before going to Chengde we strongly recommend taking part in a language preparation month to give them a head-start with Chinese. Speak to us for more details about this.

All Chinese classes with LTL in Chengde are taught 1-on-1 for maximum exposure.

High School in Chengde – Sample Week

Below is a rough schedule as to how lessons are set out at our High School in Chengde.

09:30Class MeetingPhysicalChemistryMathsHistory
15:00ChineseGeographyExtra Curricular ActivitiesExtra Curricular ActivitiesPhysical

High School in Chengde – Prices and Starting Dates


One Semester68,644 CNY
Two Semester116,695 CNY

NOTE – *Accommodation is already included. You will live with a Chinese family in a shared room, with maximum 45 minutes travel time to the high school. WIFI, air-con, heating and all other bills are already included. However, if you wish to upgrade to a single room the cost is 17,500 CNY.


SeasonStart DatesEnd Dates
Spring Term 2024Feb 19 2024Jul 4 2024
Fall Term 2024Sep 9 2024Jan 3 2025
Spring Term 2025Feb 3 2025Jul 6 2025

Note: Minor changes in the dates are possible, as the Education Ministry sometimes adjusts school starting dates by a few days. We will let you know of any changes with you in advance as much as possible.



  • High School Tuition and Placement
  • Homestay Accommodation half board – Breakfast & dinner
    • Please note: Standard accommodation can be shared
  • 24/7 Support from the LTL team
  • Legal Guardian Program for the duration of the stay
  • Visa invitation
  • Orientation Day with our LTL Local Organizer in Chengde
  • DHL Service for Visa Letters from LTL
  • Survival Kit (includes Airport Pick up and train from Beijing to Chengde)
  • Airport Drop off (shared car from Chengde homestay to Beijing Airport)


  • Lunch
  • School uniform: 350 CNY
  • Books: approx. 200 CNY (1 Semester)
  • Spring Festival Break accommodation
  • Visa fees (visa issuance)
  • International Health Insurance
  • International Flights (your location to China)

High School in Chengde || FAQs

All our FAQs for our High School programs are listed on our High School in China page. Please visit there to get your questions answered.

If you have further queries please just speak to us and we’ll resolve any other questions you may have.

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