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  • Mack Bowers

    In my experience there's not a lot of VPN services that can smoothly work in China. I remember for me it was quite a challenge to find a provider that is not blocked. Nordvpn saved my trip, so if you're planning a vacation or smth - Nord is the one to bring with you. I have a discount code Deal75 if someone needs it, try here https://nordvpn.com

    • Max Hobbs

      Useful information there Mack. Thanks for sharing. We will mention it to our students alongside the discount code 😊

  • Max Hobbs

    Hi David,

    This very much depends what you read. You've given an article there that shows someone being punished, is this a regular thing? Absolutely not. How many use VPN's in China? Thousands upon thousands, that's local and foreigners, are they punished, no.

    The fact is, without VPN's and with internet censorship in China - businesses would shut down without access to a VPN. Would China risk that, of course not.

    There are regular threats about clamping them down, but switching them off, it won't happen, and a foreigner coming to China to use a VPN poses no threat to them. For more on that, follow this story from a guy in Xinjiang (he's lived there many years). Bare in mind Xinjiang is a much more volatile location than that of Beijing and Shanghai where we are based, where foreigners are way, way more common.


    Thanks for the comment.