Happy Halloween 🎃 Learn All the Vocab in Chinese

Halloween in Chinese 🎃 Your Go To Guide

Hallowe’en night is coming!

This is the perfect time to talk about masks, costumes, and monsters, with our Hallowe’en in Chinese guide.

Here you will find some typical, wicked words and phrases you’ll need to talk about Halloween in Chinese.

Halloween in Chinese || Key Vocab

Halloween in Chinese || Creatures

Halloween in Chinese || Vocab Summary

Halloween in Chinese || Scary Story

Halloween in Chinese || FAQs

Hallowe’en in Chinese | Key Vocab

Do you know how to say Halloween in Chinese

The Chinese word for Halloween is 万圣节 (wànshèngjié), literally “Ten Thousand Saints Festival”.

According to the tradition, kids put on a Costume 服装 (fúzhuāng) and wear a Halloween Mask 面具 (miàn jù) and knock on the door of the houses in the neighborhood asking Trick or Treat? 不给糖就捣蛋 (bùgĕitáng jiùdăodàn) literally “if you don’t give me the candies, I will play a trick on you”!

One of the most popular Halloween traditions is carving pumpkins 刻南瓜 kè nánguā.  

Jack-o-Lantern 南瓜灯(nánguādēng) literally “南瓜 Pumpkin + 灯 Light”, is one of the symbols of this celebration.

Halloween in Chinese | Creatures and Monsters

And now, let’s learn some of the most common creatures that are associated with Halloween…

  • Zombie = 僵尸 (jiāngshī).  “僵 Numb + 尸 Corpse”
  • Ghost =鬼魂 (guǐhún). “鬼 Ghost + 魂 Soul”
  • Vampire =吸血鬼 (xīxuèguǐ). “吸 Suck + 血 Blood + 鬼 Demon”.
  • Mummy = 木乃伊 (mùnǎiyī) “preserved corpse” – loanword.
  • Frankenstein = 科学怪人 (kēxué guàirén).  “科学 Science + 怪人 Monster
  • Werewolf = 狼人(lángrén) “狼 Wolf + 人Man”
  • Witch = 女巫 (nǚwū)
  • Monster = 怪物 (guàiwù) “怪 Strange 物 Thing”
  • Skeleton =骷髅 (kūlóu)
  • Bat = 蝙蝠 (biānfú)
  • Black cat =黑猫(hēi māo) “黑 Black + 猫 Cat”
  • Spider = 蜘蛛 (zhīzhū)
  • Haunted house =鬼屋 (guǐ wū) “鬼 Ghost + 屋 House”  
  • Ghost Story = 鬼故事 (guǐ gù shì) “鬼 Ghost +故事 Story”

Here are some more common expressions that you might need to use to talk about your plans for your spooky night…

  • Are you going to have a Halloween party? = 你会参加万圣节派对?  ( Nǐ huì cānjiā wànshèngjié pàiduì?)
  • What are you going to dress up as? = 你要打扮成什么?  (Nǐ yào dǎbàn chéng shénme)
  • I will dress up as … = 我要打扮成。。。 (wǒ yào dǎbàn chéng…)
  • I’ll be … = 我做。。。(wǒ zuò…)

Halloween in Chinese | Vocabulary Recap

You will find here all the vocabulary mentioned previously:

Halloween Mask面具miàn jù
Trick or Treat?  不给糖就捣蛋bùgĕitáng jiùdăodàn
Carving pumpkins刻南瓜kè nánguā
Frankenstein科学怪人kēxué guàirén
Black cat黑猫hēi māo
Haunted house鬼屋guǐ wū
Ghost Story鬼故事guǐ gù shì

Here are some sentence examples, you can fill in the blanks with the vocabulary above:

Are you going to have a Halloween party?你会参加万圣节派对?nǐ huì cānjiā wànshèngjié pàiduì?
What are you going to dress up as?你要打扮成什么?nǐ yào dǎbàn chéng shénme
I will dress up as …我要打扮成。。。wǒ yào dǎbàn chéng…
I’ll be …我做。。。wǒ zuò…

Halloween in Chinese | A Scary Story

Ready for more Halloween in Chinese? Let’s take a look at this scary story…

Forget about Annabelle, Chucky and IT, because now you will get to know the story of a creepy Chinese Doll called Sam…

Lex the Lion

Izzy, a lovely 8-year-old girl, got given a beautiful china doll for her birthday as a gift.

She loved her present and she decided to call her Sam.

Izzy spent the whole day playing with her pale doll until her mom called her up for bed.

Izzy reluctantly put the doll in a box in the basement and went up to bed. 

In the middle of the night, she awoke with a startle to a series of strange noises that she couldn’t understand.

Then she heard a creepy lullaby saying “China doll, china doll in the basement, china doll, china doll on the stairs, china doll, china doll in your parent’s room, now they’re dead”.

Izzy fell back into a profound sleep.

When Izzy woke up in the morning, she went in her parent’s room and found them dead lying in a pool of blood.

Her brother tried to calm her down whilst to figure out how to plan their funeral.

Izzy spent her entire day home locked in her room and refused to play with Sam. At night she went to bed early, exhausted.

Hallowe'en in Chinese

In the middle of the night the same sick chanting woke her up again. “China doll, china doll in the basement, china doll, china doll on the stairs, china doll, china doll in your parent’s room, china doll, china doll in your brother’s room now he’s dead.”

Izzy shivered and fell into another troubled sleep.

In the morning she woke up and went to her brother’s room.

When she saw he was dead too, she rushed into her room and bolted the door. She spent the day locked in there unable to come out.

Then, when the sun went down, she fell asleep again, but in the middle of the night, she heard that creepy chanting again.

“China doll, china doll in the basement, china doll, china doll on the stairs, china doll, china doll in your parent’s room, china doll, china doll in your brother’s room, china doll, china doll in your room.”

She gazed up to see the doll. “Now you’re…dead!”

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Do you know any Chinese Horror stories? If so, please let us know and…

Happy Halloween万圣节快乐 (wàn shèng jié kuài lè)

Halloween in Chinese

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Halloween in Chinese || FAQs

How do you say Happy Halloween in Chinese?

万圣节快乐” (wàn shèng jié kuài lè)

How do you say Halloween in Chinese?

万圣节 wàn shèng jié

How do you say Witch in Chinese?

Witch = 女巫 (nǚwū)

How do you say Monster in Chinese?

Monster = 怪物 (guàiwù) “怪 Strange 物 Thing”

How do you say Skeleton in Chinese?

Skeleton = 骷髅 (kūlóu)

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