Live in a shared apartment with other international and local Chinese students during your Chinese course at LTL Shanghai. You will share the kitchen and living room with your flat mates and can choose between a large room or a small room. The large room comes with your own private en suite bathroom while in the small room you will be sharing your bathroom with your other flat mates.

Apartments are approximately 20 to 30 minutes travel time from our downtown language school and come with all bills, including WIFI and air con already included.

  • Complete freedom
  • Fun, easy and affordable
  • Make friends with your flat mates
  • Practice your Mandarin daily
  • Great Apartments

    Furnished: all apartments are fully furnished and ready to go
    Affordable: the small room is the cheapest accommodation option
    Super safe: all apartments are checked and inspected by us

  • Community

    Flat mates: quickly become friends with your flat mates
    Cook together: shared kitchen and living room
    Good locations: only 20-30 minutes travel time to LTL

  • All Inclusive

    Sheets: bed sheets and towels ready for you upon arrival
    Support: ask the LTL team if you need help with anything
    Bills included: WIFI, water, electricity etc. already included

  • LTL Mandarin School

    The survival kit: we bring you right to your apartment from the airport
    Police registration: full LTL support for getting registered quickly
    Flexible: book any duration you need during your course

A shared apartment offers you complete freedom, while keeping costs down and while you might have local Chinese or international flat mates, you will most likely be living together with other LTL students. As rents in Shanghai in general are very high, our main aim is to offer a low cost accommodation option that can still be booked for flexible times. That means while apartments are fully furnished, come with air-con, WIFI, shared kitchen and living room, they are local student apartments which means they are not a 5 star hotel and the living quality is quite basic. If you are looking to live in a higher quality apartment, have a look at our Teach English Homestay or Homestay options.

Have a look at some pictures of our shared apartments in our gallery.


Prices are listed for a sample selection of apartment durations. It is of course also possible to book rooms for shorter or longer durations. All prices below are in CNY.

Duration Small room shared bathroom Large room en suite
2 weeks 2,643 4,324
3 weeks 2,970 4,851
4 weeks 3,696 5,544
8 weeks 7,392 11,088
12 weeks 11,088 16,632
extra week 924 1,386


  • Due to the high rental cost in Shanghai at the moment, there is currently a 150 CNY / week surcharge for all shared apartments in Shanghai. The large room comes with your own private bathroom, whereas for the small room the bathroom is shared.
  • Bed linen is provided.
  • The shared apartments come with full access to the shared kitchen as well as living room and a weekly cleaning service.
  • Standard arrival time is on a Sunday and departure on Saturday. If you want to come a bit earlier or leave later though, it is also possible to book additional nights.
  • Travel time to the school is approximately 20 minutes. The subway ticket to the school costs 3 CNY (approx. 40 US cents) each way.
  • All our prices are quoted in CNY. However it is possible to pay for your course in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, SGD, JY or CND.
  • As the rooms are offered at a special rate and flexibility for LTL students, you can only book a room if you are an LTL Chinese language student

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I wash my clothes?

Shared apartments come with a washing machine, which you can use free of charge.

What do I need to bring anything?

Nothing special really. Bed linen are included, the kitchen is already fully equipped and it is easy to buy necessities in one of the shops nearby.

Where are the apartments located?

The apartments are located in different locations in the city. However as they are never more than 30 minutes travel time from our downtown school in the old French Concessions, they are always central and close to a subway stop.

Are there shops or restaurants nearby?

Yes, loads of them. All shared apartments are located in lively communities, with plenty of shops, restaurants, 24/7 convenience stores, banks etc. close by.

Will I be immersed into Chinese culture?

This will depend on you, but in the shared apartments most likely not as much. While it is usually very easy to meet your foreign flat mates, differently to people in many other countries, Chinese living in shared apartments are often quite reserved and more see it as a rent sharing arrangement and not as an opportunity to meet friends. As a result, most students living in shared apartments in China end up not meeting many local Chinese friends through their accommodation. So while a shared apartment is fun, easy and affordable, for cultural and linguistic immersion into China it is not necessarily the best option. At LTL we are very serious about helping our students to learn Mandarin quickly and truly immerse themselves into Chinese culture, not just living in an expat bubble and so are our students. The choice is of course up to you, but that means that most of our students choose to live in a homestay instead. If you are looking for immersion, have a look at the teach English or standard homestay options for a more immersive living environment. If you are looking for a complete immersion course in China, you might want to have a look at our Chinese immersion program as well.

Other Options

  • Homestays in Shanghai


    Living with a Chinese family in Shanghai is an excellent way to improve your speaking and listening skills outside of the classroom. LTL believes that learning Mandarin Chinese shouldn’t be all about textbooks and grammar exercises.

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  • Teach English Homestay


    Learn Chinese and teach English while staying with a Chinese family. You will teach one of your family members English for six hours a week and get a 50% discount on the homestay fee.

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