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There’s a lot to learning Chinese, and we’re here to help. On this page, we’ve got quizzes on basic components of Chinese, from individual radicals to how to say “great minds think alike” in Mandarin.

Have some fun with it!

Don’t be overwhelmed, by the way. Chinese admittedly is probably not the easiest language to learn, but like any, it’s got its own rules that we’ve broken down for you.

Radicals, for instance, can indicate what a Chinese character means.

Measure words may see daunting at first, but they appear in English as well.

Some of the most famous proverbs you know are probably rooted in Chinese origin, you never know!

Did you know that some Chinese characters — usually the older ones from thousands of years ago — are pictograms?

This means that the character is modelled after the object it describes.

水 (shuǐ, water) is an example of this, can you tell?

Learning about Chinese characters and the way they are built is fascinating and some have truly unique ways of being built which makes learning Chinese genuinely fascinating for non native speakers!

If you wish you can find out more about this kind of topic with some of our excellent resources which include:

Chinese Vocabulary Quiz
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These quizzes don’t have any set time limits, and you’re welcome to take as many as you want as many times as you want. Each one also includes extra resources on the subject, should you want to learn more.

Additionally, we offer online Chinese classes tailored to you. Check them out!


Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.

Keep a look out for this page, we’ve got more Chinese vocabulary tests coming soon.

Last thing — these tests are an indication of how much vocabulary you know, but it’s solely for fun. The higher the score, the better. If you want a bigger challenge, we have free HSK tests here for you to take.

Start with any quiz below, and we’ll email you your test scores right away. Best of luck!

Chinese Vocabulary Tests