FastestVPN Review – Everything You Need To Know

FastestVPN Review – Your Complete Guide

This FastestVPN Review was brought to you by recent LTL Mandarin School student Adam who was recommended this VPN by a friend.

See what he thinks:

FastestVPN Review – In a Nutshell

FastestVPN Review – Intro

FastestVPN Review – Prices

FastestVPN Review – No Logs Policy

FastestVPN Review – Customer Support

FastestVPN Review – The Verdict : Yay or Nay

FastestVPN – In a Nutshell

FastestVPN Review - Is it worth it?
FastestVPN Review – Is it worth it?

FastestVPN provider claim their main goals to be related to privacy and top-notch security at very affordable prices.

Having been recommended this by a friend, and with privacy being a main concern of mine, I wanted to try it out ahead of some of the more widely known VPN’s. You see a lot of these free vpn’s talking about lots of devices and GB’s but the security was a big issue for me, hence wanting to side with FastestVPN.

The cheapest subscription package costs you $10 for a month. But if you go beyond this, you can save bigger on other packages, such as the 1 Year plan that’s currently offering $120 in savings at $29.95.

FastestVPN – The Good

FastestVPN – The Bad

FastestVPN – The Downside

A Brief Introduction to FastestVPN

Sign up to FastestVPN
Sign up to FastestVPN

FastestVPN operates out of the Cayman Islands. Why does that bare any significance you ask? I asked the same question to my friend!

It’s a huge plus because that means the VPN provider is not bound by laws that force it to record user-activity.

The VPN provider came into existence sometime in 2017 but has quickly climbed the ranks of the best VPNs in the market having spent some time researching them online.

Places like TrustPilot have generally been in favour of FastestVPN.

You can find their TrustPilot page here.

All Device Compatibility

FastestVPN features dedicated apps for major platforms.

In addition to apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and FireStick, you can configure the VPN in your router or you can just buy FastestVPN router to bypass all apps.

Fortunately, the service provider has made available some tutorials on their blogs which covers the procedure to setup VPN in router.

This feature allows FastestVPN to support more than 20 platforms including Kodi. The Kodi extension was another big plus for me.

FastestVPN – The Pricing

Pricing is perhaps the best part of FastestVPN.

Not only does the VPN incorporate features like military-grade encryption, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching, anti-malware protection, ad-blocker, it is very competitive when it comes to pricing.

The FastestVPN Pricing Plan
The FastestVPN Pricing Plan

Following are the subscription packages offered by FastestVPN:

And for a limited time, the VPN provider is offering a lifetime membership for $80. Still though, a 5 YEAR membership for less than 50USD is quite something. Of course, you might want to try your chance first so maybe the 1 month option is best to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If so, take advantage of those prices!

No Logs Policy

A ‘No Logs’ policy is crucial for a VPN. But what does it mean?

It means that when you use the service, the VPN servers will not log your activities, such as the websites you visit or your physical geo-location.

Since privacy is a fundamental principle of VPN, always be on the lookout for this feature.

It’s a relief to know that FastestVPN operates on the policy. It means your identity and activities are in safe hands.

FastestVPN’s Customer Support

Probably one of the downsides of this VPN compared to others I’d say.

If you ever run into troubles with the service, FastestVPN’s team should get you through your troubles. I did notice compared to some other students that they were a bit slower off the mark than some of their competition.

That said, they are available 24/7 through online chat or by email.

Though if you want fast response then we recommend using online chat. Since the service is not as big as other names in the VPN industry, customer representatives may take long to respond.

The Verdict – Is FastestVPN Worth It?

Although FastestVPN only has 150+ servers worldwide, I’d still say, given the long term pricing structures this is worth a punt.

The prices are an absolute steal for the number of features present in the VPN, but I must say it will depend on how long you plan to spend in China.

If you are here short term, you might find a free VPN or a free trial suits you best. Any longer, and I’d have no qualms recommending FastestVPN

My experience has been satisfactory. It’s not the ‘fastest’, let’s be honest, but it’s quite fast, and the service covers all the major regions of the world.

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