Pokémon in Chinese: How to Talk About Your Favourite Pocket Monsters

Pokémon in Chinese – The Song, The Characters, Everything You Need!

As a special blog post, we decided to give you some of the names of your favourite pokémon in Chinese, and update you on all the Pokémon goings on in China in recent years.

Pokemon in Chinese
Pokémon in Chinese is 神奇宝贝

You’ll be able to talk to and understand the hardcore Chinese fans of the series.

You’re welcome!

If you grew up during the 90s, like many of us did, you probably know of the Japanese hit TV cartoon series Pokémon.

Originally adopted from the video game of the same name (back in the days of the Nintendo Gameboy), both the TV series and the video games became a huge success around the world, not just in Asia.

Snorlax name in chinese
Every Pokémon has to relax sometime. This one in particular.

They further spawned movies and merchandise (card games, toys, etc.) and are still part of beloved culture icons for many people East and West.

Here is what to look forward to in this post.

Who are your favourite Pokemon?

Find out how to same them in Chinese below!

Pokémon in Chinese | The Story of Pokémon in Chinese

Pokémon in Chinese | More Of Your Favourite Pokémon Names in Chinese

Pokémon in Chinese | Pokemon Go in China

Pokémon in Chinese | Pikachu in Chinese

Pokémon in Chinese | Pikachu Detective Movie 2019

Learn the theme tune to Pokémon in Chinese

The Story of Pokémon in Chinese

Bulbasaur in Chinese
Bulbasaur in Chinese is 妙蛙种子

To generally summarize the story, Pokémon (神奇宝贝 shénqí bǎobèi, lit. “Magical Darlings” OR based on the video game name 口袋妖怪 kǒudài yāoguài, lit. “Pocket Monsters”) deals with the life of Ash Ketchum (小智 Xiǎo Zhì, lit. “Little Wisdom”) and his pet Pokémon monster Pikachu (皮卡丘 Píkǎqiū).

They travel the Pokéworld together, meeting all different kinds of Pokémon monsters.

They fight in different training gyms, with the ultimate aim being that Ash becomes a Pokémon Master!

Charmander in Chinese
Charmander in Chinese is 小火龙

On the way, they are joined by best friends Misty (小霞 Xiǎo Xiá, lit. “Little Rosy Cloud”) and Brock (小刚 Xiǎo Gāng, lit. “Little Strong”), each with their own type of Pokémon (typically, Misty uses water based Pokémon, while Brock uses Stone based ones).

On their way, they are not only hindered by different types of wild Pokémon and the various gym masters around the Pokémon world, but also by a team of professional Pokémon thieves, called Team Rocket (火箭队 huǒjiàn duì).

The evil team is mostly portrayed in the guise of the girl-boy duo Jesse and James, with their own evil cat-like Pokémon, Meowth (喵喵 miāomiāo).

Squirtle in Chinese
Squirtle in Chinese is 杰尼龟

On their travels, Ash and the gang are joined by new Pokémon friends who help them on their

way, such as the grass-type frog-like Bulbasaur (妙蛙种子 miàowā zhǒngzi, lit. “Wonderful Frog Seed”), the fire-type dragon-like Charmander (小火龙 xiǎo huǒlóng, lit. “Little Fire Dragon”) and the water-type turtle-like Squirtle (杰尼龟 jiéní guī, lit. “Zeni Turtle”*).

*Zeni is a Japanese word to refer to Gold or Golden, and the Chinese name for Squirtle was adopted based on the same sound (杰尼 sounds like Zeni). 

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More Of Your Favourite Pokémon Names in Chinese:

To help you remember some of your favourite Pokémon in Chinese

Pokemon Go in China

pokemon go in china
Mobile Game Pokémon Go allows the player to catch Pokémon all around them

The release of the AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game Pokémon Go saw a huge resurgence of Pokémon lovers around the globe in 2016.

Fans downloaded the game to their smart phones and set out to become Pokémon Masters.

Sadly Pokémon go wasn’t officially released in China due to government restrictions.

The game was unavailable in the Chinese App Store and the game’s GPS features were blocked throughout most pasts of China.

However, some devoted fans still did their best to jump China’s firewall to play the game anyway.

Pikachu in Chinese

Pikachu in Chinese
Pikachu in Chinese is 皮卡丘

Ash’s super cute sidekick and partner in crime, Pikachu has become one of the most popular pocket monsters.

As we mentioned above, Pikachu in Chinese is :

Chinese Characters: 皮卡丘

Pinyin pronunciation: Píkǎqiū 

Meaning: This is a direct translation to sound as close to ‘Pikachu’ as possible. And it’s pretty close!

Can’t get enough of this little guy?

Well luckily for you, Pikachu has his own film which was released in 2019.

Pikachu Detective Movie 2019

pokemon detective pikachu in chinese
Detective Pikachu in Chinese

That’s right, Pikachu is taking on a whole new role – as a Detective!

I mean who doesn’t feel like a career change every now and then…

The life-like, furry yellow character is causing a stir in China. 

Since the release of the official Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie trailer in November 2018, Chinese fans are divided about Pikachu’s new look.

Some feel that this is not the Pikachu they know and love, whereas others are excitedly awaiting the release of the 3D creation later this year.

The film was released on May 10th 2019.

For all curious Pikachu Fans, you can watch the trailer here:

Pokemon in Chinese – FAQs

How do you say Pokemon in Chinese?

神奇宝贝 (shénqí bǎobèi), which is literally “Magical Darlings”.

How do you say Pikachu in Chinese?

Chinese Characters: 皮卡丘

Pinyin pronunciation: Píkǎqiū 

When was the Pikachu movie released?

The film was released on May 10th 2019.

How do you say Bulbasaur in Chinese?

妙蛙种子 (miàowā zhǒngzi), which is literally “Wonderful Frog Seed”.

How do you say Charmander in Chinese?

小火龙 (xiǎo huǒlóng), which is literally “Little Fire Dragon”.

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