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  • Co_co

    I just read the the beginning and I found that the author was hugely misinformed. First of all, 已, 巳, 己 are the same in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. And the "Biang" thing is NOT a traditional character. It's a word play using parts of characters.

    • Max Hobbs

      Hi Coco,

      I think you perhaps misunderstood. 已, 巳, 己 are indeed the same in both Simplified and Traditional. Our image was simply showing how two characters can look Similar (following on from our Similar Chinese characters post - https://ltl-beijing.com/similar-chinese-characters/)

      The BIANG character does indeed have a Simplified and Traditional version.

      Thanks for your comment :)


  • Marc

    I love your images with the lion

    • Max Hobbs

      Thanks Marc!!